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We carry out different operational business processes with quality, efficiency and experience in managing and mitigating risks, minimizing accidents and failures, increasing the productivity of services and providing excellence in the management of electricity assets.

Infotec Brasil carries out outsourcing services related to the supply of electricity by distributors, including activities such as:

  • Implantation and replacement of electric meters;
  • New connections;
  • Shut offs and reconnections;
  • Reading and deliver of bills.

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Infotec Brasil enables the best solution for inspection of electrical distribution networks, enabling full control of shared assets, in accordance with the technical legislation required by the Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency – ANEEL.

Our services include the following activities:

  • Inspection – inspection of the distribution company’s infrastructure, gathering all the information related to existing equipment occupations on the utility poles;
  • Verification – verification of the electrical network to ensure compliance with current technical standards.

Infotec Brasil carries out a survey of the public lighting park, improving billing with the Government Authorities.

We carry out registration and georeferencing of distribution networks and public lighting.

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Infotec Brasil inspects consumer units in order to identify frauds and clandestine connections.

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