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Engineering and Maintenance

Our engineering solutions enable both the complete monitoring of projects, aiming to guarantee the best results in their execution, as well as support for scheduled maintenance stops, essential activities to minimize risks and unexpected interruptions in the operation.

We monitor the entire project, from the initial viability study to commissioning, including the engineering project, verification of the supply of materials and equipment, construction supervision and As Built.

We advise the client in order that the project is implemented with the highest possible performance, guaranteeing the quality of execution, adherence to the schedule and minimizing costs, technical risks and environmental risks.

We assess critical aspects of the execution, identifying vulnerabilities and proposing solutions and improvements.

We take care of the owner’s interests and optimize the investments.

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Inspection and maintenance are two important tasks of any industry, to ensure that the operation is safely carried out and in good conditions. This service ensures that the equipment lasts more, saving money in the long term, also helping to maintain the operation running, with no major problems.

With the inspection and predictive and corrective maintenance service, we help to reduce downtime and increase the efficiency of the operation, offering qualified professionals for planning, inspection, preventive and corrective maintenance and supporting management in the design of emergency response procedures and training.

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We carry out the planning and follow-up of scheduled stops of electrical and mechanical nature or in boilerworks, providing all the necessary support in the distribution of resources and in the monitoring of activities.

We help your company to reduce the time and the cost of these operations, ensuring maximum productivity and avoiding risks to the business.

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