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The main goal of our HSE Management Solution is reducing risks related to operational and occupational security and health of the work force.

Besides, we work to decrease the impacts on the environment and to avoid accidents, through audits, inspections of procedures, trainings and risks management processes.

The security, environment and health management (HSE) is one of the most important aspects of the engineering projects. It is absolutely necessary to make sure that this is taken into account before the beginning of the project.

The objective of our HSE management service is to decrease the costs of a project, mitigating risk factors, such as accidents, injuries and illnesses. In this way, we minimize impacts on activities due to interruptions or delays and increase project productivity.

We do this by joining well established methodologies, multidisciplinary experts, experience from many projects and cutting-edge technology.

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We offer to our customers all the support for the operational safety management system, decreasing the risks and possible impacts for their operations, both for human health and environment.

Also ensuring the planning, the availability of resources for the development, the implementation, the working and the continuous improvement of the operational safety management.

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Inspection has a key role in the HSE management. Our service helps companies to comply with regulations and to improve the employees’ life quality, identifying risks and taking measures to reduce them.

Some benefits of these processes include:

  • More safety and comfort for the employees;
  • Less distraction due to safety risks;
  • Fewer employees on sick leave.


The inspection of HSE processes of Infotec Brasil aims at reaching these benefits through the identification of hazards and risks, helping in taking corrective measures, supporting the daily verification and making the employees aware of them.

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