System - IMS

Reference in Quality and Management, Infotec Brasil has an Integrated Management System – IMS, with Certifications that support developing and controlling functional processes in an intelligent way, guaranteeing excellence in service management.

Through IMS, which covers ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certifications, we are prepared to meet complex demands with operational quality and efficiency, in accordance with the legal compliances and parameters defined by our customers.

Transparency Policy

The Transparency Policy of Infotec Brasil aims to guide its employees on the principles and guidelines that should guide their activities and reinforce the organization’s commitment to provide broad access to information for society, respecting the secrecy imposed by the applicable legislation.

In order to help in the practice of the Transparency Policy, there is an Annual Results Presentation document, whose objective is to expose specific and concrete initiatives of the transparency practices used on the company’s Integrated Management System – IMS.

Besides, we make available the result of our Strategic Map.

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Management Policy

The Integrated Management Policy aims at conducting our activities with ethical, moral, technical and legal standards through the QHSE Integrated Management System, following the values defined by the organization.

Focus on the Customer

Corporate Governance

Sustainable Development

Commitment with Results

Continuous Improvement

Valuation of Human Capital

Provide Safe and Healthy Working Conditions for the Prevention of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses of Professionals

Guarantee of Consult and Participation of the Professionals and their Representatives

Elimination of Hazards and Reduction of OSH Risks

Compliance with Legal Requirements and Other Requirements

Protection of the Environment, Prevention of Pollution and Other Adverse Impacts

Review 01.06.2020