Infolab 8087

INFOLAB 8087 is an open ecosystem of innovation and collaboration between INFOTEC and tech companies, focused on developing solutions for our markets: Oil and Gas, Power and Utilities, Metals and Mining, Water and Sanitation.

The program is based on cooperation between companies for the exchange of knowledge, development of solutions, access to the market, multiplication of the culture of innovation and appreciation of their respective brands.

We seek partnerships with innovative tech solutions that aggregate competitive
differentials to our current contracts and to our solutions portfolio.

We are very much interested in:

  • Generating solutions that might be integrated to our portfolio;
  • Developing joint MVPs;
  • Elaborating technical proposals and carrying out joint visits to potential customers;
  • Establishing an open channel to technical discussions and market trends.

If your company develops or has innovative technological solutions that can be applied to our markets, please contact us.

Above all, we want to know your business and understand which synergies we can use. Be part of this ecosystem!

Partner companies