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Logistics and
Supply Chain

We carry out logistical operations for storage and handling of materials, as well as purchase order expediting, providing equipment and qualified human resources.

We implement structured and optimized processes for the efficient execution of services, with technological support, for productivity and quality management, effectively controlling the risks associated with the logistics activity.

We offer solutions that enable the total control and management of the inventory, stock, material handling and replacement of items, based on indicators analysis, enabling the end-to-end management of the supply chain. 

Warehouses are the backbone of the supply chain and provide the necessary infrastructure to store and distribute goods. Inventory survey activities provide information on which products are available, how many items are in stock, and point out any discrepancies in relation to what is accounted for in the system.

We carry out occasional, cyclical and general inventories following the collection of data on all balances, survey of material in transit, counting and registration in the customer’s system. At the end, we prepare reports and a dossier (physical and digital) with all reports and physical files for management.

The inventory service makes the supply chain leaner and gives the company the opportunity to follow a more optimized operational and strategic flow.

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Our Purchase Order Expediting solution aims at aligning the performance of the Supply Chain and Procurement areas with the needs of the business, guaranteeing supply for the company’s operations, leveraging the capabilities of suppliers and creating value, in addition to achieving the goals of cost reduction in negotiations.

We monitor all actions in the supply chain, including activities expected from suppliers, from the launch of the PO (Purchase Order) to the final dispatch of the goods, including the logistical handling processes.

This solution has four main elements: Supplier Management, through registration control, evaluation and audit of suppliers; Management of POs, with communication, follow-up and control processes; Risk Management, for monitoring special orders and late orders; and Intelligence, with measurement processes, trend and gap analysis.

We also have robust management of SLAs and indicators, with continuous improvement of processes and access to information in real time.

We help our customers to optimize fleets and efficiently control the transport of cargo and passengers, with advanced systems for reading, measuring, scheduling, routing and intelligence, added to the expertise of operators and analysts in our operational control tower.

Infotec professionals control registration, transport and management and generate intelligence so that our customer can continuously improve the operation based on data.

Our system allows receiving data from GPS, cameras and other devices of vehicles and transport apps. In this way, we generate a database that is integrated with our scheduling systems, drivers registration, vehicles, routing and artificial intelligence, which generates information in real time for our operators.

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