Information Management


Information Management

Information Management is an essential procedure to the good performance of a company that involves an integrated system of collaboration, a decisive factor to the business growth.

Infotec Brasil analyzes plans, enables, manages and controls business procedures to meet to the growing expectations of our customers through the best specific practices to deliver a business smart management.

Based on Application of Best Practices, our services improve the consistency of Information and promote higher operational agility due to our methodology of centralized management, which brings more efficiency to the sectors and optimizes the results of the organizations.


Consultancy in
Document Management

Elaboration of Diagnosis and Action Plan. Through technical analysis of the current environment, we identify operational problems according to the business needs. We measure the maturity level of the information management of the company and set the next steps, promoting actions for evolution of the document management so that the organization improves the service provision to its customers, internal and external.

BPO in Operation and Management of the Information

With management tools of projects and documents, with options of real-time monitoring, we implement projects of information management; we performed the daily services of support, search, recovery, scanning and organization of documents, besides provide the management of the team and infrastructure necessary for integrated management of the physical and electronic documents.

Corporate Document

Service developed specially to meet to the internal needs of the companies with regard to the storage, organization, management and preservation of the documents, including services of cleaning, recovery, scanning and filing.

Expectations and Benefits

Based on a system of integrated management, we ensure the delivery of results with quality, to increase the performance of your team and reduce time and costs.

  • Guarantee of availability of documents for research in an organized and safety way;
  • Guarantee of compliance with rules and laws;
  • Reduction of expenses with storage of documents and volume of documents stored;
  • Agility for search and recovery of the documents;
  • Improvement of the level of organization and control;
  • Integrated platform of technologies to manage all life cycle of the documents, regardless media.

Our Projects

We provide consulting in the solution documental management to organize the procedures and optimize the resources of the technical file of Petrobras in FAFENBA unit, located at Camaçari-BA. The project involved the management of 450 thousand documents.