Specialized Outsourcing


Specialized Outsourcing

A service with a methodology of management ensures more agility in the support to its infrastructure company, critical platforms that need of effective control and immediate intervention.

Infotec Brasil has experience of over 30 years in the outsourcing of services of management of resources and has a model of effective operational management to provide administrative support services and give operational support to all business infrastructure.

Currently with 1800 professionals in more than 70 projects all over Brazil, we only work with specialists highly qualified for service provision, being our differential the constant alignment between managers of agreements and teams to always follow within the goals and strategies of the company.

Strong Markets of Operation:
Oil & Gas, Building, Engineering, Energy and large industries.

Solutions in Expediting and Supervision of Works

Inspection of Pipes and Equipment

Services of prevention of action of third parties in the areas of pipe tracks. Inspection, organisation, technical maintenance and elaboration of reports and technical opinions for implementation of systems of planning and control.

Supervision and Expediting of Works

Management on procedures predicted in outsourced contracts determining the demand of future agreements provision of logistics services, choosing the techniques of provision of demand that is more appropriate, elaboration and execution of the procedures determined, data analysis and technical opinions related to the activities performed.

Solutions in Industrial Maintenance

AS BUILT Services

Infotec Brasil has specialized workforce providing full support to the maintenance of the industry to promote the improvement of procedures and activities involved.

We assess, review, and elaborate technical opinions and we make the maintenance of documents to meet regulatory requirements and certifications of the Stationary Production Unit (SPU).


We analyze and do possible adjusts in the planning, fitting to the goals of the project, authorizing totally or partially the planning of the maintenance services for execution of plans and tasks of maintenance.

Expectations and Benefits

  • Focus and alignment to the goals of your business.
  • Management of control, capacity and prevention
  • Scalability and Operation Efficiency
  • Reduce the costs of human capital and operational infrastructure;
  • Guarantee of compliance with agreements of third parties;
  • Elaboration and execution of the procedures determined;
  • Better control of quality on activities;
  • Methodology of inspection and risk analysis of the services;
  • Support in the operation inspection activities;
  • Application of information verification processes to meet all rules and laws.
  • Management integrated system for effective measuring of the services contract;
  • Analytical reports and technical opinions;
  • Support to project management;

Our Projects

It was provided consulting in services to support to management and supervision for areas in Angra dos Reis Waterway Terminal (TEBIG). The responsibilities of Infotec Brasil were the control and management of the documents pertaining to the environmental services related to the new enterprise, expansions and adjustments of enterprises existing; analysis of engineering projects and their respective designs, views, descriptive and cost memorials necessary; participate of planning of the activities of maintenance and operation of the terminal.

Invest in High Operational Performance

Our service management solutions ensure delivery of results
to reduce the time and costs of its operations, increase its efficiency
and collaborate for the high performance of its corporate management.