Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)


Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)

Increasingly organizations are concerned to show its commitment with the Health, Safety and Environment of the worker. This is a crucial subject to the corporate image, involving collaborators, customers, even as others stakeholders.

The main objective of HSE* – Health, Safety and Environment – Management is to reduce the risks to safety and health of the employees of our customers through the ongoing improvement of the Safety of the Procedures.

Infotec Brasil has a methodology and a technology highly qualified to comply with excellence the service provision of Planning, Technical Support, Supervision and Management of Specialized Services of HSE.

Our is to ensure the highest level of integrity of procedures related to the operational safety of our customers.


Support to HSE Corporate Management

Management of all corporate procedures and controls related to the HSE activities, such as Document Management, Assets Control, Information Registration and Management of Managerial Reports, among others.

  • Safety Planned Inspections – SALV System (Checklist Application System) and SISPEN (SALV Pending System);
  • Action Plan, including survey in LAIPD (Survey of Aspects, Impacts, Hazards and Damages), Risk Analysis and Change Management System.
  • Resource Management, including risk analysis, elaboration of answers, texts and reports to meet to internal and external demands;
  • Analysis of content of standards, rules and procedures;
  • Conduction of field visits to support to the services determined;
  • Critical analysis of studies and environmental reports and monitoring of field works.

Supervision of HSE Procedures

Management of teams and the necessary infrastructure for supervision of the procedures of safety, analysis and integrated management of the physical and electronic documents related to HSE to ensure the compliance with the contractual and legal requirements related to Health, Safety and Environment;

Expectations and Benefits

  • Reduction of occupational accidents and environmental risks;
  • Improvement in the management and preventive control of procedures;
  • Reduction of the bureaucracy and documents;
  • More effective use of internal resources and infrastructure;
  • Reduction of environmental costs;
  • Lowest total time of downtime of the activities during the audits;
  • Alignment of the objectives, procedures and resources.
  • Proactive performance, avoiding environmental damage and occupational accidents
  • Improvement of the organizational environment
  • Higher training and education of the employees
  • Reduction of the time and investments in internal and external audits
  • Legal safety against procedures and responsibilities
  • Safety of the important information for business
  • Minimization of accidents and liabilities
  • Identification of vulnerability in the current practices.

Our Projects

We provide consulting in HSE services of the Operation Manager of São Paulo-Centro-Oeste in the São Paulo-Brasília-OSBRA Pipeline of TRANSPETRO. Among the responsibilities of Infotec Brasil was the chemical analysis for monitoring of products process from oil, alcohol and water moved in the Intermediate Terminals and Stations of Pumping of the Central-West Management, in compliance with tests and methodologies already used in the lab (rules ASTM, NBR, etc.).

Invest in High Operational Performance

Our service management solutions ensure delivery of results
to reduce the time and costs of its operations, increase its efficiency
and collaborate for the high performance of its corporate management.