Logistics and Supply


Logistics and Supply

For a good management, it is fundamental a methodology supported by appropriate platforms that organize the supplies of your company in an integrated manner.

The services of Logistics and  Supplies involves several activities, like Shipment, Preservation, Inventories, Transfers and Expediting of Materials, operational procedures involving costs, storages and management of the supply, therefore, they require much attention to avoid failures and, consequently, unforeseen costs.

Infotec Brasil has a methodology of information management that, with support of tools of ERP control, conducts conference, inspection, and identification of materials works, besides works of supervision of procedures to generate more efficacy to the execution of the business processes.


Warehouse Management

Management of Onshore and Offshore Warehouses through a methodology of management that controls from the receipt of materials until its shipping, involving the activities of identification, screening, inspection (quality control), verification, preservation, management of supplies and inventories.

Management of Materials and Supplies

Classification, Identification, Encoding, Registration and Listing of Materials, identification of supplier market, analysis of demands, control of surpluses and support to the registration of suppliers.

Material Handling

Coordinate the traffic of forklifts and trucks in the facilities of the receiving areas, perform the cargo movement in the screening and temporary storage areas, keep the area clean, send materials for disposition procedure (disposal, scrap, or other means), keep an updated computerized control system.

Expectations and Benefits

  • Optimization of logistics and supplies activities;
  • Increase in the management of the procedures
  • Better management and organisation of materials
  • Promote the centralization and integration between the logistics
  • Ongoing improvement of the logistics and storage
  • Inspection of materials
  • Support in the formation of price and sale
  • Improvement in the demand analysis
  • Effective management of inventories

Invest in High Operational Performance

Our service management solutions ensure delivery of results
to reduce the time and costs of its operations, increase its efficiency
and collaborate for the high performance of its corporate management.