IT Managed Services


IT Managed Services

Technology is increasingly important for competitiveness of the companies and to get maximize your results, a business should focus on its specialty, in which generates more value.

To ensure the good operation of the infrastructure, equipment, systems and tools, an organization needs excellence in information technology.

Infotec Brasil adopts a strategic positioning with its customers, which favors the focus on main operational activities of your company, at the same time in which optimizes your procedures of information technology.

With a methodology based on Best Practices and a team specialized of high level to solve problems and develop improvements, we work with the best resources available in the market to develop management projects that bring more effectiveness of your IT operations.


Service Desk

Operational Management through a single contact point, with automatic call escalation, allowing a higher agility in the troubleshooting and a higher agility in the solution of incidents, reducing the downtime of the users.

  • Service Desk – 1 level
  • Support – 2 level
  • Quality Sector
  • Projects and Implementations

Assets Management

Our assets management covers all life cycle of an asset, from its acquisition to its disposal, where are considered all controls necessary to ensure records, its values, input and output movement, replacements and reconciliation of the supply balance.

Infrastructure Monitoring

With technology of first level, procedures and a team of qualified analysts, our service of Infrastructure Monitoring aims to ensure availability and performance, allowing to the companies a better view to take preventive actions against unavailability of your procedures and operations.

We provide support 24X7 for all equipment essential of the mission (servers, firewalls, routers
switches, links and services). In addition to perform inventories of resources and management of teams.

Expectations and Benefits

The delivery of IT services should follow the customer needs, always aiming the best results for business.
What ensures the excellence of a service is the agility and consistency of the support provided and this is measured through investment in teams well trained and aligned to the company goals.

  • Higher effectiveness in the organizational structure: Qualified teams in the best technologies to provide support to the IT management in the decision-making.
  • Centralized management of requests: Higher satisfaction and productivity of the final user, resulting in an increase of productivity.
  • Improvement in the business processes: Team aligned to the business strategies with a focus on optimization of resources.
  • Improvement in financial management: Management of resources that collaborate with the economy and reduction of costs with trainings and reworks.
  • Strategic planning: More agility on specific IT projects of the company.

Our Projects

It was provided consulting in Service Desk for ten (10) Programmatic Area Coordinations of Health Local Office of Rio de Janeiro. In total, the service engaged the technical support for three thousand computers and two thousand printers, among other equipment. The responsibility of Infotec Brasil was managed the assets of the organisation and provide support of Level 1 to the distinct areas.

Invest in High Operational Performance

Our service management solutions ensure delivery of results
to reduce the time and costs of its operations, increase its efficiency
and collaborate for the high performance of its corporate management.